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My Work as a Healthy Building and Interiors Consultant

The healthy home environment has been my biggest passion and professional field since 1989.  (see Mary Cordaros’s bio and CV)

I love consulting one-on-one to homeowners, tenants, parents and soon-to-be parents, the environmentally and chemically sensitive, builders, architects, and commercial building owners.

Many of my clients call me because they’ve tried to struggle on their own and they realize there is just too much information to sort through. They need assistance with identifying and solving possible contaminant problems in their existing homes. They often call me when they’ve exhausted all other possible solutions. Or, they want to build, remodel or make simple changes to their homes and they know I am up on the healthiest (beyond green) building and remodeling materials and products, as well as EMF avoidance, and the healthiest approaches to heating/cooling/ventilation, and air and water filtration.

Now, I am very excited to share my many years of experience and expertise as a healthy building and interiors consultant with you.

Why it matters

Everyone deserves and needs a healthy home. Here’s why:

  • Most of us spend over 90% indoors, and 1/3 of our lives is spent sleeping when our body does the lion’s share of detoxing and regenerating. If we make our homes, particularly the bedrooms, as healthy as possible, our bodies are better able to deal with the toxins in our everyday worlds that we can’t control.
  • Everyone has a “body burden” of toxins. There is a wealth of real scientific data on the connection between the environment and human health. But the good news is that our bodies can heal and detox, if given the chance. Besides living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy diet, if we reduce our exposures to toxins in our home environments, we give our bodies a chance to avoid or reduce the likelihood of allergies, asthma and serious illnesses such as cancer.

Babies and Children

A safe home is essential for babies and children.

  • Pregnant women and the developing fetus are most vulnerable. Everything that the mother takes into her body when she inhales, ingests or puts products on her skin may affect the developing fetus. In fact, as Sandra Steingraber, famous environmental scientist says: the developing fetus should be the benchmark for health.
  • Small children get higher exposures than adults: Pound per pound, the small child gets exposures that are much higher than adults. They also live much closer to the floor, where many contaminants settle and are more highly concentrated. Children are much more vulnerable to toxins because they’re bodies’ systems are still developing.

My Holistic Approach

In this blog, as in my consulting practice, I integrate several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home, from building and interior materials to EMFs, to Building Science, proper ventilation and mold and moisture avoidance. I’ll even give you tips on hunting down truly healthy products for babies and children. I communicate directly with manufactures’ technical departments on ingredients in building materials. And I work with the strictest standards of health for homes, from the German field of Bau-Biologie.

Integrated Team

As you read my blog articles, you’ll see there are many topics and subtopics under a very big healthy home umbrella. Each topic is a vast, technical field unto itself, including mold and moisture, EMFs, building and interior materials, water, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and building science.

It’s impossible for one person to stay up to speed in every field. That’s why I work with, and often direct, a team of world-class, highly experienced specialists who keep me up to date in all their areas of expertise. Our team is not only vetted, but also the only one of it’s kind in the country. What I do for you, my clients and readers, is to integrate the team’s specialized, highly technical information and make it readily understandable. This way, you don’t have to search through a maze of complex data yourself, and then try to figure out how it all fits together. So while my own specialization is building and interior materials, I have studied all the related fields, and put all the pieces together for my clients.

So please enjoy and take advantage of the wealth of information and practical advice in this blog. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll have a solid foundation for the green and healthy home you and your family deserve.

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  1. I commend the EMF Safety Network and the ppoele in the greater SF Bay area and Marin County for their dogged persistence in challenging Smart Meters, a grave menace to public health, our liberties, freedoms, and privacy. If this precedent is allowed to exist, we shall lose far more. Even with just this outrageous device, the following can (and likely will) happen:1. the health of Americans will be destroyed. I have all but one symptom named in a report of health effects from RF radiation and that includes a new, disturbing, virulent form of skin cancer on my face (smart meter located by head of my bed).2. hackers, government, or private companies could choose who to sicken with radiation exposure no one would be safe. They would have a device on our homes and buildings that can be dialed up to sicken or even kill the occupants. This is not science fiction, this is a reality, now.3. privacy destroyed our indoor air space permeated with radiation emissions, where once, we had the choice to have a healthy home4. privacy destroyed data gathered on our activities and how often we are there, this can be hacked into or misused by government or private companies5. security issues6. interference with other devices, including medical devices and technologies in the home. This can be deadly. A man in my Smart Meter-blanketed-neighborhood with pacemaker and defribrillator dropped dead suddenly, unexpectedly. His device stopped working, I was told.7. Power given over to government, corporations (often owned by international interests), terrorists/hackers who can now harm us in our homes from a great distance.This is outrageous and must not be tolerated. I hope the National Tea Party and any others who are seeing the extreme dangers of Smart Meters and the entire plan will step up and raise the issue up to the highest levels in all our states and in Congress.

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