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  1. Hi Mary,

    You are encyclopedia of information. Wow, I am excited and overwhelmed by all the reading I need to catch up. I have a question for you. What is your opinion on vinyl windows? If one is surrounded by vinyl windows, do you ahve any suggestions for them? Thanks.


    • Jenny, you can’t seal the windows to prevent phthalates from contaminating the house dust. However, read my other blog articles on flame retardants and dust control. Proper dust control is the answer to phthalates from vinyl, when you can’t remove the source of the contamination. Best, Mary

  2. Thank you for all your great work and info. I need to purchase a new carpet for my mother’s bedroom (Dallas) and wondered if you might recommend a manufacturer. I read your carpet pad entry, helpful.

    • Hi Ellen,
      So glad you find the blog helpful. There are too many variables and details to be able to give you an answer here. I would need to ask you a number of questions first. But feel free to call my office and book a phone consult. Mary

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