What You Should Know About Gluing Bamboo Flooring to Concrete

Bamboo flooring might be a great option for your home, but don’t assume that your local green store or flooring contractor is up on everything. Besides choosing the healthiest bamboo flooring and glue, it’s critical that your slab is moisture tested first, and that the perimeter drainage around your home is thoroughly checked and improved, if necessary. Read my recommendations on Green Home Guide:


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  1. We have a daylight basement with concrete floors. When we were researching flooring options, we stumbled upon DriCore Subfloor Basement Flooring. It’s an easy to install system for creating a breathable subfloor for your basement. With this system, you can install pretty much any kind of floor on top — carpet, tile, wood, or even bamboo.

    Personally, I don’t like glued-down floors in my home (except tile). Most glues used for this purpose are highly volatile and may release chemicals into the air long after installation. With the Dricore floor, you can use nails to install the floor, eliminating the need for glue.

    • Lesa, thank you for your suggestion. Within our group of specialists, we have been trying hard to find an underlayment that is not only made with non toxic materials and is both urea and phenol formaldehyde free, but also does not contain biocides or mildewcides. So far, we’ve not been able to locate anything that meets all of those requirements, including DriCore. I’m sure they feel they need it because often it’s installed on slab on grade, where there is a huge potential for moisture. Best, Mary

  2. {A work mate referred me to your resource.

    • Elastilon has built its name and reputation with ianntllisg solid hardwoods directly over concrete floors. There is no faster, easier and trouble free way to install a solid hardwood floor but there is more to Elastilon then just solids over concrete.Engineered wooden flooring is growing in leaps and bounds and Elastilon is perfect for ianntllisg all engineered wood flooring be it a t&g system or a locking system. Remember, Elastilon is not only a installation membrane but it is a floating floor underlayment as well. It offers such benefits as: low odor and VOC free; softer to walk on; it is an excellent thermal break and it has high sound deadening capabilities; where it is in contact with the wood flooring it offers moisture resistance. (for added protection especially when there is a concern of moisture through the concrete we require the use of a vapor barrier below the Elastilon); and the list goes on!Be it solid or engineered there is no better way of ianntllisg hardwood floors on concrete

      • Sounds very interesting! Please email me the MSDS for all materials used in this system. I also need to know if the membrane or any other materials contain: Biocides, mildewcides, organophosphate flame retardants (halogenated or not), plastcizers or PVC. Thank you.

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