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Electro-Free Sleep
Natural Home & Garden

By Mary Cordaro & Katherine Metz

Every day we are surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMF) from sources often beyond our control. Low-frequency magnetic and electric fields, high frequency radiation from radio waves and microwaves, and artificially induced magnetism bombard our living and working environments. It is possible to make dramatic improvement in this sea of electric and magnetic fields.

We are most vulnerable when we sleep. Our bodies let down, regroup, shed metabolic wastes, and regenerate. Healthful sleeping rooms provide an environment that enables important bodily processes—including the natural electrical system, internal organs, and unconscious mind—to work smoothly and without interference. It provides the springboard for a strong body to cope effectively with a less-than-ideal daytime environment. If we never give the body a break at night, we diminish our ability to function well during the day.

Outside the house, high-voltage transmission lines, low-voltage overhead lines, and underground cables and transformers generate alternating current (AC) magnetic fields. Inside the home, current in the wiring and current-consuming appliances and devices generate AC magnetic fields. Wiring, plumbing, and other metallic pathways may carry electrical current and radiate magnetic fields. Although the force of magnetic fields does drop off with distance, it may be difficult to block or shield them.

You can easily scan a bedroom for outdoor magnetic-field problems with an inexpensive gauss meter. First turn off the house circuits. If the meter registers a magnetic field above 1 milligauss in the bedroom, ask the power company to check outside lines and fix any faulty transformers, grounding problems, or "imbalances".

To scan for indoor sources of magnetic fields affecting the bedroom, turn on every device in the house. If the magnetic field in the bedroom is more than one milligauss, first unplug everything in the bedroom, then try unplugging and turning off wall switches throughout the rest of the house. If the field remains, ask a certified Bau-Biologist to test and isolate the magnetic fields (the German term bau-biologie means "building biology", or the relationship between buildings and human health). An EMF-specialized electrician can then determine the sources of the fields, such as the house grounding system, the main service, older-house wiring conditions, shared neutrals, or the current on ground or water pipes.

Every day, bau-biologists—working on their own, with clients, or with physicians and their patients—see dramatic healing when electromagnetic fields in the bedroom are diminished.

Mary Cordaro is an environmental consultant and certified Bau-Biologist whose Valley Village, California, company, Mary Cordaro, Inc., is a consulting resource for natural and non-toxic building information. Katherine Metz is a feng shui practitioner and certified bau-biologist whose Redstone, Colorado, company, The Art of Placement, provides consultation and offers an Affiliate Mentoring Program.

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Reprint permission kindly granted by Natural Home and Garden.
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