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Air Cleaners - AllerAir AirMedic Exec | Air Cleaners
Organic Air Cleaners - AllerAir AirMedic Exec
Air Cleaners - AllerAir AirMedic Exec

Offers all the benefits and performance of the Executive series in a smaller unit, plus offers a five-stage filtration system (vs. four in the 5000 Exec model) and, because of it’s near airtight design and construction, processes air more quickly than other models to remove chemicals, particles, gases and odors on the very first pass for more consistent flow of clean, pure air. Provides the cleanest possible air for your home or office.

Separate carbon and HEPA filters allow each to be changed independently for easy maintenance. The AirMedic combines a cylindrical shape with 360° air intake to maximize airflow quietly.

  • Powerful, five-stage filtration system uses 18 lbs of activated MAC-B™ carbon and HEPA filter to eliminate airborne particles (e.g., mold, pet dander, dust mites) and remove chemicals, gases and odors
  • Made with powder-coated painted steel to prevent off-gassing
  • Cylindrical shape maximizes air flow
  • Casters provide for easy maneuverability
  • Silent motor emits soothing white noise
  • Filters out thousands of chemicals, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), gases, odors, mold, mycotoxins, anti-microbials and ozone with the help of a medical grade HEPA filter
  • Ideal for those with allergies and asthma
  • Covers areas up to 1500 square feet
  • Easily maintained
  • Available in black, white and sandstone

  • Exclusively for Mary Cordaro: All our AllerAir units are wired with shielded cable, reducing all types of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which are measurably lower than any other air filter on the market (inc. AC Magnetic, AC Electric and "RF" EMFs). This makes them the healthiest air cleaners, particularly for bedrooms.

Aller Air
Aller Air
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Austin Air

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Item Description Size Comfort Dimensions Price
100106 AllerAir AirMedic Exec Sandstone 15" x 17.5" Call for Pricing  
100107 AllerAir AirMedic Exec White 15" x 17.5" Call for Pricing  
100108 AllerAir AirMedic Exec Black 15" x 17.5" Call for Pricing  
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