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About Us
Our Mission is Our Passion
Mary Cordaro Inc. is more than a healthy home products, education and consulting group.

Our name encompasses our guiding philosophy, which evolved from founder Mary Cordaro’s 17 years of pioneering work as an environmental healthy home specialist. We think of the “H3” in Mary Cordaro Inc. as referring to the three homes we inhabit:

    The home within ourselves
      The literal home we live in
        Our home on the planet

And we believe that there is a real, tangible interconnectedness among all these places we call home. For when we form a strong, positive intention within ourselves and take action toward that intention, we affect consciousness on the entire planet, which creates change for us all.

Our mission is to help you experience the interconnectedness of your three homes and heal the planet through even the smallest ecological purchases and lifestyle choices, thereby creating change that ripples out to the world.

Our Primary Objectives are Simple
So that you can create your own healthy, nurturing home, an improved quality of life, and a respectful, harmonious relationship with nature, our objectives are to provide you with:

    Healthy, sophisticated, elegant home products
      Valuable and practical healthy home education and information

You are an important part of our mission. We believe our customers and clients are helping to change the world along with us. To learn more about us, please continue to browse our Web Site and explore our product lines and educational materials.
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The Mary Cordaro Collection® of Naturally Healthy Beds and Bedding - Mary Cordaro Inc. The Mary Cordaro Collection® of Naturally Healthy Beds and Bedding - Mary Cordaro Inc.