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Mary Cordaro - Bio & CV

Mary Cordaro

Mary Cordaro
Healthy Building and Indoor Air Quality Consultant Since 1989

Expertise in healthy and sustainable building materials, interiors and indoor air quality, commercial and residential.


The healthy home environment has been my deepest passion and professional field since 1989. I consult one-on-one to homeowners, tenants, parents and soon-to-be parents, the environmentally and chemically and/or electrically sensitive, builders, architects, and commercial building owners. Many of my clients call me because they've tried to struggle on their own and they realize there is just too much information to sort through. They need assistance with identifying and solving toxic contaminant problems in their existing homes. They often call me when they've exhausted all other possible solutions. Or, they want to build, remodel or make simple changes to their homes and they know I am up on the healthiest (beyond green) building and remodeling materials and products, as well as EMF (electromagnetic field) avoidance, and the healthiest approaches to heating/cooling/ventilation, and air and water filtration. I work with the strictest standards of health for homes, from the German field of Bau-Biologie, in which I became certified in 1992. These standards, which are geared for even the most sensitive among us, including the developing fetus and the chemically sensitive, go well beyond green marketing jargon as well as standard green certifications, all of which are limited to varying degrees.

I integrate several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home, from building and interior materials to EMFs and Building Science, proper ventilation and mold and moisture avoidance. I give tips on hunting down truly healthy products for babies and children. I communicate directly with manufactures' technical departments on ingredients in building materials.

Healthy building is a vast, technical field unto itself, including mold and moisture, EMFs, building and interior materials, water, heating, air conditioning and ventilation, and building science. It's impossible for one person to stay up to speed in every field. That's why I work with, and often direct, a team of world-class, highly experienced specialists who keep me up to date in all their areas of expertise. Our team is not only vetted, but also the only one of it's kind in the country. What I do for my clients is to integrate the team's specialized, highly technical information and make it readily understandable. This way, you don't have to search through a maze of complex data yourself, and then try to figure out how it all fits together. So while my own specialization is building and interior materials, I have studied all the related fields, and put all the pieces together for my clients.

Using over two decades of experience, plus my academic and professional background in adult learning and instructional design, I lecture and teach around the country to design professionals, medical doctors and the general public.

Curriculum Vitae
Mary Cordaro, Healthy Building and IAQ Consultant

Professional Training

Diploma in Bau-Biologie: 1992
The International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology
Clearwater, Florida

Diploma for Bau-Biologie Home Inspector: 1992
The International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology
Clearwater, Florida

Certificate of Completion: 1993
Seminar on Bio-Harmonic Architecture and Building Ecology
The International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology
Clearwater, Florida

Certificate of Completion: 1992
Advanced Seminar on Bau-Biologie Home Inspections
The International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology
Clearwater, Florida


MA, Education (Educational Technology)
San Francisco State University, 1981
California Clear Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential, 1979
BA, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1977

Professional Experience

Mary Cordaro,
Owner, Healthy Building and Indoor Air Quality Consultant and Educator
Mary Cordaro Inc.

A Room of One's Own,
Owner, Healthy Building and Indoor Air Quality Consultant and Educator
Valley Village, CA
Owner, 1991-1999

The Meridian Center
Santa Monica, CA
Staff Environmental and Nutritional Consultant, 1990-1991

Professional Affiliations

NAEM: Approved Instructor for National Association of Environmental Medicine
IBE: Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology
ASID: Approved Instructor for American Society of Interior Designers (Not currently active.)
ECOHB: European and Global Network Ecobiology
AIQA: American Indoor Air Quality Council (Not currently active.)
Westside Health Practitioners Group, Los Angeles

Advisory Boards

California Safe Schools
Whole Child Whole Planet Expo
The David Kibbey Memorial Scholarship Fund (Organization no longer in operation.)
Re|Shelter (Organization no longer in operation.)
Safe Baby Healthy Child (Organization no longer in business.)

Courses and Webinars Taught

Webinar Panel Member: Environmental Impact from Forest Fire Smoke Webinar
National Association of Environmental Medicine 2017

Webinar: Practical Science Based Steps for Reducing Exposure to Toxicants
National Association of Environmental Medicine 2017

Sustainable Building Advisor Program
Annual Guest Teacher 2006-2013

Santa Monica City College Green Design for Interiors
Guest Teacher 2014

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, School of Environmental Medicine
Professional Program for Naturopathic and Medical Doctors
Annual Guest Teacher 2004-2012

UCLA Extension 12-Week Course: Creating the Healthy Sustainable Home

Environmental Courses and Modules on EMF Testing, Electro-Biology, and Indoor Air Quality, taught at the following professional training schools:

Affiliate Mentoring Program for Professional Feng Shui Practitioners
Redstone, Colorado

The Accelerated Path Training Program
Brooklyn, New York
Metropolitan School of Design, Feng Shui Consultant Training Program
Long Island, New York

Special Projects

Greenbuild Materials Science Education Proposals Reviewer, 2013

Schools and Environmental Health: At a Crossroads, Presented to US EPA on Radio Frequency EMF's and Health Effects, 2011

American Clay 2nd Annual "Makeover Contest" for Professionals and Do-It-Yourself Consumers, Judge 2010

USGBC REGREEN Bedroom Case Study and REGREEN content reviewer, 2008

Eco Homes for the Future Tour Participant 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002

Environment 2000 Santa Monica College ECO-House Program 1999-2000

Guest Blogger

Alicia Silverstone Regular Contributor, 2011-2012

Anna Getty and Alisa Donner Contributor, 2011-2012

Kevin Gianni Contributor, 2011


Cordaro, Mary: "The Parent Trap: Avoid Mistakes in Nursery Projects By Following Three Basic Principles." USGBC's Green Home Guide, October 2012

Mary Cordaro's Healthy and Green 2011-present

Cordaro, Mary: USGBC's, Regular Contributor to Ask A Pro, February 2009 - Present. Product Reviews (7),2007-2008, Subject Matter Expert 2010-present.

Cordaro, Mary: "Au Revoir Allergens: Reduce Sources of Indoor Allergens" Natural Home Magazine, 2010

Cordaro, Mary: "A Natural Presidential Home: Greening the White House", Natural Home Magazine, January 2009

Cordaro, Mary and Glen, Steve: "Home Green Home": Greenopia, The Urban Dweller's Guide to Green Living in Los Angeles: Second Edition, 2008

Cordaro, Mary: A Checklist for Choosing a Healthy Mattress, Prescriptions for a Healthy House, 3rd Edition, 2008

Cordaro, Mary: Columnist: "Just Ask Mary: Questions and Answers from our Readers"
Natural Living Magazine, 2007-08

Cordaro, Mary: "Groundwork: An Natural Oasis and Organic Garden in the Urban Desert"
Natural Living Magazine, September/October 2007

Cordaro, Mary: "How I Greened My Home - Learn How to Green Yours Too From
Healthy Home Expert Mary Cordaro"
Natural Living Magazine, June/July 2007

Cordaro, Mary: "Checking for Household Hazards" (Appendix B).
Book: Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House 2006

Cordaro, Mary: "Bed Springs and EMFs: Fact or Fiction?",
Natural Home Magazine, Nov/Dec 2004

Cordaro, Mary: "The Healthy, Sustainable Kitchen",
Organic Trade Association's O'Mama Report Newsletter, June 2003

Cordaro, Mary: "Creating a Healthy, Sustainable Bathroom", Organic Trade Association's O'Mama Report Newsletter, May 2003

Cordaro, Mary: "Electro-Biology and the Healthy Home. An Introductory Checklist (for New Homes & Remodels)",
Book: The Healthy House, 4th Edition, April 2003

Cordaro, Mary and Metz, Katherine: "Electro-Free Sleep", Natural Home and Gardens Magazine, November/December 1999

Cordaro, Mary: "Open House Forum; The Cordaro-Jones Home", Ecolution: The Eco Home Journal, Winter 1998

Cordaro, Mary: "Designing for Low Electromagnetic Radiation in the Home", Interior Concerns Newsletter, Spring 1997

Cordaro, Mary: "Low EMF Bedroom", Interior Concerns Newsletter,
Fall 1995

Cordaro, Mary: "Home is Where the Health is", Whole Life Times, October 1992

Cordaro, Mary and Lange, Susan: "Clean Up Your Body, Clean Up Your Home", City Planet, 1992


Environmental Health Symposium/Medical Conference, San Diego, March 2016. Presenter: Basic Protocols for Avoidance: Air, Water, Personal Care Products.

Wise Traditions Conference, Westin Price Foundation, Anaheim, November 2015. Presenter: Your Home as a Safe Haven: Practical Ways to Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

Take Back Your Health Conference, Los Angeles, April 2015. Presenter: Your Home as Safe Haven: Why a non toxic home environment is essential for long term health, and simple steps to get started.

Conscious Life Expo, Los Angeles 2013: Panelist on Healthy Environments - Cleaning out the Toxins

Alt Build Expo, Santa Monica 2012: Panelist

Green Festival, Los Angeles 2011: Presentation Pregnancy, Babies and Healthy Home Interiors

Interior Design Society (IDS) LA/Ventura Chapter 2011: Presentation: Green + Blue = Healthy Interiors

Bausman & Company, Interior Designer Lecture Series, Los Angeles 2008-2011

Alling Henning Associates Inc., Vancouver WA 2010: Presentation Green + Blue = Healthy Interiors

Design Within Reach, San Francisco, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara 2008-2009. Presentation: A Dream Realized - The Healthy Home and Bedroom

Dwell on Design Conference, Los Angeles 2008, 2009, 2011: Panelist

Wise Traditions Conference, Westin Price Foundation, San Francisco, November 2008. Presenter: The Healthy Home and Bedroom: Creating a Non-Toxic, Healing Haven with Bau-Biologie

Sustainable Santa Monica and Global Green USAs Green Building Resource Center, Santa Monica, 2008: Panel Presentation with Monica Gilchrist: What is Regreen?

ASID CEU Lecture, Los Angeles 2007-2008; ASID Panel, Pacific Design Center, West Week 2008

West Coast Green, Residential Green Building Conference, San Francisco: Panel Facilitator and Presenter; Lecturer, Track Chair 2006-2008

Global Green, Santa Monica: Expert panel presenter on paints and finishes 2006

Global Green, Santa Monica: Introductory Lecture to Bill Walsh's of Healthy Building Network 2006

Livingreen Store, Culver City: Healthy home monthly lecture series 2005-2007

Cisco Home Showroom, Pasadena and Los Angeles: Healthy home lectures 2007

Green for Baby Store, Thousand Oaks CA: Healthy home lectures 2006-2007

UCLA Extension Program, Architecture Department, David Hertz
Ecology of Architecture; Materials and Systems for a Finite Planet
Guest Lecturer 1994-2003

CEFCA Support Group (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Environmental Illness, Fibromyalgia, Candida and Allergies [Multiple Chemical and Food Sensitivities]), "The Healthy Bedroom: Practical Information and Protocols from Bau-Biologie and Building Science for Creating an Environmentally Safe, Healing Environment", Los Angeles, CA 2000

Living Naturally Conference, "Creating the Healthy Bedroom", Redondo Beach CA 1997

Natural Health Day L.A. Conference and Expo Panel, "Overcoming Environmental Illness", Los Angeles, CA 1996

Laguna Beach Architectural Guild, "The Low EMF Bedroom", Laguna Beach, CA 1996

Natural Health Day L.A. Conference and Expo Panel, "Environmental Illness: Living in Harmony with the Earth", Los Angeles, CA 1995

Urban Innovators Group, Panel Discussion, "From Shakes and Ashes to Opportunities", Malibu, CA 1994

ECO Expo, "The Environmental Home of the 21st Century Panel", Los Angeles, CA 1994

Legal Administrators Conference, "The Healthy Office", San Francisco, CA 1994

Designing for Sustainable Communities Symposium, "Creating Healthy Homes", Santa Barbara, CA 1994

Health Classic; "Home at Last, Bau-Biologie Meets Feng Shui in Living Design"; San Diego, CA 1994

EOS Institute Workshop, "Bau-Biologie Meets Feng Shui in Living Design", Laguna Niguel, CA, 1994

Grand Tour Design's ECO-Design '93, New York, NY
"Introduction to The Art/Science of Feng Shui and Bau-Biologie" 1993

Health Classic; "Detoxing Your Home"; Palm Springs, CA 1991


Food Renegade Blog Radio: Part 1: How to Protect Yourself from EMFs and Part 2: Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work? 2012

Organic Authority Sleep Better, Create a Healthy Organic Bedroom 2012

Debra Lynn Dadd Radio Interview: Chemicals that Stick to House Dust, 2011

The Kind Life (, by Alicia Silverstone: Mary Cordaro, They Healthy Home Guru
August 2010

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Women's Radio: Creating Healthy Homes, 2010

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Alicia Silverstone's Eco Savvy Home: June, 2007

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"A Cleaner Coat: Environmentally friendly paints are catching on-but shop with caution", by Keith Goetzman, Utne magazine
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"Inside an environmentally friendly house for healthy living", by Claire Willenson
Cover article: June 30-July 6, 2006

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"Biological Medicine Series #12"
Best Cases in Biological Medicine
The Toxic Home, by David I. Minkoff, M.D., November 6th, 2005, Volume 14, Number 6.

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Natural Home Magazine
"Can This Home Be Greened"
LA Eco Village, By Carol Venolia, Jan/Feb 2004.

Healing Lifestyles and Spa Magazine
"Creating A Healthy Haven:
A Good Night's Rest", By Melissa B. Scott, Sept/Oct 2003.

Natural Home Magazine
"Fresh and Clean", By Joyanna Laughlin, March/April 2003.

Natural Home Magazine
"A Little Help", By Vicky Uhland, Nov/Dec 2002.

Vegetarian Times
"Bedroom of Your Dreams", By Victoria Moran, June 2002.

USA Today Newspaper
Home and Garden Section "A 'Sick' House is Not a Home: Your Safe-From-the-Weather Haven May be Harboring Indoor Pollutants", by Shawn Sell, November 24th, 2000

Los Angeles Times Newspaper
Cover Article: Southern California Living Section
"Seeking a Cure for the Sick Home and Some Ways to Reduce Indoor Pollutants", by Connie Koenenn, March 16, 2000

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Mold: Simple Measures for Detection and Prevention.
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The Healthy, Green Home
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