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Allergies in the Home - August 23, 2006 - (coming soon)
Bau-Biologist and founder of Mary Cordaro Inc. discusses allergies in the home.

Creating a Healthy Green Home - June 23, 2006 - Listen
Certified Bau-Biologist and President of Mary Cordaro Inc. talks about sick buildings and the best places to start to create a healthy Green House.

KPFK Radio / A Right to Know with Sherry Beall

My Healthy Home - August 20, 2004 - Listen
Are we slowly killing ourselves, and our environment, and our planet by a lack of awareness of what may be lurking in our own homes? Three local experts in this field share their knowledge in helping us create a safer, healthier home and discuss why this is vital to our health and wellbeing.

KRLA Radio / Healthy Advice with Dr. Gene

The Dangers of Cell Phones/Cell Towers - July 30, 2002 - Listen
Cell phones and cell towers emit high frequency radiation that may be harmful toyou. Until the final scientific word is in, learn about what you can do to prudently protect yourself.

Indoor Air Pollutants: (Hotels and Airplanes) - June 02, 2002 - Listen
Even when you travel, you can still mitigate the problems that arise from the indoor pollutants of hotel rooms and airplanes. In this segment, Mary gives some helpful tips for the healthconscious traveler.

The Importance of Sleeping in a Healthy Bed - May 01, 2002 - Listen
Learn what to look for in a healthy bed. In this segment, Mary discusses what you should now about the unhealthful chemical effects of standard beds and bedding, and what you can do to create a truly healthy bed.

Bau-Biology - April 18, 2002 - Listen
MaryCordaro is a certified "Bau-Biologist." This segment includes a brief explanation of Bau-Biology (building biology) and its significance to the home. Mary discusses the importance of proper ventilation, heat and filtration systems in your home and how they can affect your health.

Asthma and Allergies - March 26, 2002 - Listen
In this segment, Mary discusses how her personal experience with asthma and allergies led to a deeper understanding of how environmental contaminants can affect our health.

Indoor Air Pollutants: (The Bedroom) - February 25, 2002 - Listen
This segment continues the discussion of indoor pollution but focuses on the steps you can take to create a healthy, restful bedroom.

Indoor Air Pollutants: (The Home) - January 22, 2002 - Listen
The interiors of our homes can be 10 to 100 times more toxic than the outdoors -- even when you live in a smoggy city like Los Angeles. Learn the simple steps you can take to reduce indoor pollution in your home.

KWMR Radio "The Garden Planet"

The Healthy, Green Home - February 19, 2007 - (coming soon)
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