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My Guest Blog for Alicia Silverstone: Are Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices Dangerous?


Are you concerned about the safety of cell phones? Alicia Silverstone asked me to give her the facts, including how to protect yourself and your family, in this guest blog. 




How to Protect Yourself from EMFs (Electromagnetic Frequencies) : Renegade Health Interviews Me on Radio Show.

In the early days of my career, concerns about EMFs were focused primarily on outdoor power lines and EMFs from wiring and appliances. Those sources are still greatly problematic regarding health, but in the past 10 years, we have had an additional, growing wireless source of serious EMFs called “radio frequency” EMFs, or RFs. In this radio show with Renegade Health, learn how to take steps that can make a real difference in your family’s exposure to several types of EMFs, and why you should be concerned.


Do EMF Protection Devices Really Work? Renegade Health Interviews Me on Radio Show.

You want to protect yourself and your family from EMFs, and you may be reading about the many devices on the market that are purported to protect against EMFs. But do these devices really make a difference? In this radio show, I debunk some of the myths about so called EMF protection devices, to help you discern what works from what doesn’t. 

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