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What You Should Know About Gluing Bamboo Flooring to Concrete

Bamboo flooring might be a great option for your home, but don’t assume that your local green store or flooring contractor is up on everything. Besides choosing the healthiest bamboo flooring and glue, it’s critical that your slab is moisture tested first, and that the perimeter drainage around your home is thoroughly checked and improved, if necessary. Read my recommendations on Green Home Guide:

Bamboo Floor Finishes: What’s the Best?

Installing green, family friendly flooring in your home can be a great idea. One popular choice is bamboo flooring. But  bamboo flooring almost always comes prefinished. Do you know what the bamboo is finished with? There are long and short term issues regarding toxicity and durability of these finishes, and well as possible repercussions  from sanding during future refinishing.  To protect your family from unhealthy choices, read my recommendations on Green Home Guide: