Bamboo Floor Finishes: What’s the Best?

Installing green, family friendly flooring in your home can be a great idea. One popular choice is bamboo flooring. But  bamboo flooring almost always comes prefinished. Do you know what the bamboo is finished with? There are long and short term issues regarding toxicity and durability of these finishes, and well as possible repercussions  from sanding during future refinishing.  To protect your family from unhealthy choices, read my recommendations on Green Home Guide:

Are Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers Safe?

Memory foam mattresses and bedding products are big sellers. Some people find them quite comfortable, but others find that they are too soft, and too hot. Many of my chemically sensitive clients over the years have had acute reactions to memory foam mattresses and toppers, including headaches, respiratory problems, and other symptoms. There’s good reason: memory foam is made entirely from petroleum products.  In this article for Green Home Guide, I explain why memory foam mattresses and bedding are not the best choice for healthy sleep. 

The ONLY, Healthiest Mold Resistant Flooring for Basements

The basement often becomes the family room, home office, or even kids’ bedrooms. It seems like the perfect answer for growing families, providing much needed space in an otherwise cramped space. And it’s totally understandable, but that doesn’t make it right: like other rooms, they get outfitted with carpeting, drywall, and soft furnishings—all mold food in mold loving, high humidity conditions!  Keep mold food out of your basement by installing flooring that mold doesn’t like to eat. My article on Green Home Guide will educate you on the alternatives, and why. 

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