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EMF Resources

The Associated Biomagnetics Techologists
The Associated Bioelectromagnetics Technologists provide this forum, which is comprised of independent scientific researchers and other individuals dedicated to disseminating the findings of published research. Each takes an active role in performing investigative research and/or reporting the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic fields with respect to humans and the environment.

Council of Wireless Technology Impacts
Citizens and professionals concerned about safe uses of Electromagnetic Radiation

EMFacts Consultancy
EMFacts Consultancy, founded in 1994 by Don Maisch, has produced a wide range of reports and papers dealing with various health issues related to human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation. The site is designed to be utilized as a resource by individuals, groups, organizations and communities who are trying to “em power “ themselves by gaining a better understanding of the complex issues involved with this important environmental issue.

EMR Safety Network International
Information on electromagnetic radiation and your health, and electro-hypersenitivity

The EMR Network
The EMR Network provides links to other sites covering various aspects of the EMR and RFR issues.

Electrical Sensivity

Association for Representation and for Protection of Persons Afflicted by Electrosmog
Hans-U. Jakob
Flüehli 17, CH 3150
Phone: 0041 21 721 04 31
Fax: 0041 31 731 28 45

FEB – The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive (click on “International Pages” box at top right on home page for English text)
Box 6023, SE-102 31
Stockholm, Sweden
The following is taken from the FEB site: “On this server you will find information in English and/or Swedish about electro sensitivity, former known as [the] ‘Electrical Over sensitivity’ or Electrical Hypersensitivity’ phenomenon. We try to build a reference database for this area of research that you can search or download. A few more popular articles [on this subject] are also available. We also intend to keep summarized reports on current research.” Mary Cordaro says of this site:” It is the most complete site available on electro sensitivity and has extensive archives as well as links to other sites."

Michael Zemlick’s Electrical Sensitivity Links:

Support for Environmental Sensitivity, MCS and Related Illnesses

Environmental Health Center
8345 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 220
Dallas, Texas 75231 USA
Phone: 214.368.4132
Fax: 214. 691.8432
Dr. William Rea is affiliated with this Center.

Environmental Health & Healing
Holds regular, free weekend meetings in the West Los Angeles area, adjacent to Culver City, that feature speakers from a wide range of medical and health fields. To obtain e-mail announcements for upcoming meetings, speakers and location details, please contact:
Polly Hattemer, Environmental Health & Healing at:

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Referral & Resources
618 Wyndhurst Avenue, #2
Baltimore, MD 21210
Phone: 410-889-6666; Fax 889-4944
Professional outreach, patient support and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, accommodation and prevention of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorders

Environmental Inspections

Environmental Solutions + Inspections
Environmental Inspections + Solutions, Inc. is now celebrating its 10th year in the environmental business, inspecting homes and commercial buildings, and addressing all aspects of the indoor environment. An ongoing specialty is working in conjunction with medical professionals to address the needs of environmentally and chemically sensitive individuals.

Environmental Testing & Technology
ET&T, Inc. has served the Southern California community since 1986 and has worked with thousands of businesses, home owners, physicians, insurance companies, law firms and government agencies from San Diego to the Bering Sea.

EMF Inspections and Remediation

Stephen Scott
(415) 389-9696
Stephen Scott has been professionally involved in EMF survey, abatement, and design work since 1991. He is a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and the National Electromagnetic Field Testing Association, and is listed in the Architects and Designers for Social Responsibility Resource Directory. He is a licensed electrical contractor and licensed general contractor in the state of California. Stephen has participated in numerous low-EMF design projects, including Ecology House, an 11 unit non-toxic residential building in San Rafael, CA, the Los Angeles Department of Environmental Affairs Building, and The Eco-Home, a non-toxic model home in Los Angeles, CA. He has also managed remediation and construction projects for numerous high-profile personalities in the entertainment business. Stephen has very likely performed more EMF related diagnosis and correction of electrical wiring system problems than anyone currently practicing in the U.S.

Ventilation, HVAC

Poly-Tech Environmental Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
(805) 306-0354
Serving the greater Los Angeles area, Polytech is the premier Building Science oriented
HVAC company, installing and improving heating and air conditioning systems that are not only healthy, but save also save energy. Materials, filters and applications are safe for the chemically sensitive. Poly-Tech is the only company in Southern California that incorporates Building Science, as well as Bau-Biologie criteria, creating a unique approach to heating, air conditioning and ventilation, particularly appropriate to the Los Angeles region.

Ultimate air - Manufactures the UltimateAir RecoupAerator energy recovery ventilator (ERV) - The best performing most energy-efficient whole house ventilation system on the market. An ERV expels stale air from the home and replaces it with fresh, filtered air...without compromising energy efficiency!

Bau-biologie™, a term coined in Germany, is a word used to describe a movement promoting the use of healthy building principles as a means to improve living and work spaces and the health of people who occupy them. Bau-biologie literally means, "building biology." Both terms are now used interchangeably and both have exactly the same definition --"how buildings impact life and the living environment”. This new field of education is characterized by the terms biological, ecological, sensitive to nature, healthy, vital, human, organic, high quality, cultural and holistic.

Building Science
Building Science Corporation is a Boston based architecture and building science consulting firm with clients throughout North America. Building Science Corporation specializes in building technology consulting whose focus is preventing and resolving problems related to building design, construction and operation. They are internationally recognized for their expertise in moisture dynamics, indoor air quality, and forensic (building failure) investigations. They are also on the leading edge of the design of sustainable communities and buildings. “We believe in promoting energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within the constraints of marketable and affordable building technology”.

Feng Shui

Katherine Metz and the Art of Placement
An instructional archive chronicling 19 years of the Feng Shui teachings of H.H. Professor Lin Yun, produced by Katherine Metz and The Art of Placement.
Designed to deepen your working understanding of Black Sect Feng Shui at all levels of experience. Addressing the personal and professional challenges of practicing this ancient art in the modern world. Katherine Metz is also a Certified Bau-Biologist. Mary Cordaro has worked and taught with Katherine Metz since 1991. Katherine Metz, one of the most experienced Feng Shui practitioners and teachers world wide, is truly at the very heart of Black Sect Feng Shui, and is internationally renowned for her professional mentoring program, as well as her writing and teaching.

Children, Babies

Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., R.N.
Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology
Education - Mentoring - Support - Change

Ecology, Sustainability

Eco-Home Network
Eco-Home™ is an on-going living research center that demonstrates ecological living in an urban environment. The Eco-Home™is a restored and retrofitted California style bungalow, circa 1911 that shows us how simple but wise property improvements can make your home warm, friendly yet environmentally sound and healthy. This historic home incorporates solar hot water heating, photovoltaic panels, ultra low flow water systems and other energy and water conservation measures. This "pioneering" home has hosted over 10,000 guests since opening it's doors to the public in 1988.

This site is here not only to assist you in voting with your dollar... but also strives to engage you in questioning... What type of world am I buying into? How can I live more sustainably? and even more so... How can I "be" the change that I seek in the world?

Healthy Spa Resources

Healthy Lifestyles and Spas Magazine
Choices for healing the mind and the body.

COOP-America Socially Responsible Business Members


Lingham Press
Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify & Energize Your Life, Your Home & Your Planet


Safe Sand

Natural & organic cloth diapering products

Lilipad Studios
Green line of hand painted children’s furniture

Lil Diaper Depot
Oragnic and eco-friendly baby shop

Healthy kids have more fun!

Baby Wit
You may not be cool but your baby can be


Janus Distribution
Botanical disinfectant less toxic than vinegar yet EPA approved as hospital quality

Green Clean Inc.
Increasing awareness about chemical free products

Ecologic Solutions
Deep green cleaning products to building maintenance, restaurant and hospitality operations


Bags and wearables from scraps and remnants

TS Designs
Quality sustainable printed apparel

Sense Organics
Affordable organic clothing for kids and adults.

Sama Wellness
Organic cotton clothes, Natural Living products

No Sweat Store

Moondrop Clothiers
Earth-conscious shop

Kasper Organics
Organic cotton and hemp clothing and accessories

Its Our Nature

Hiroko Kurihara
Natural woolen blankets and scarves

Fashion Incubator

Bean Thread

Soft & protective bamboo clothing

Annie Grant
EcoChic recycled products, accessories & gifts

Consultants & Services

Plans and Solutions
Importing and marketing natural foods and beverages

Mind Over Markets

Inspired Action Inc.
"...a completely new way to work"

Green Key Real Estate
Sustainable business brokerage & green real estate

Green Career Tracks
Guiding you to work that reflects what's important to you

Crosscut Shredding
Cross cut secure shredding from paper to hard drives

Authentic Alternatives
Partnering with socially responsible business owners

Business + Nonprofit Connections
Resource center for strategic business philanthropy

Education & Resource

Zero Footprint
Resource for consumers & business

Organic Coupons

Education Revolution
Alternative education resources


Verde Energy
Renewable energy contractor services

Positive Energy
Positive energy

Flowers & Garden

Underwood Gardens
Heirloom seed specialists

Progressive Gardens
Progressive gardens

Natural Yards
Natural yards

Hot Pepper Wax
Natural insect & animal repellant

California Organic Flowers
Organic flowers & gifts. Shipped next day nationwide

All Natural Lawns
Organic lawn care

Food & Beverage

Wild Organics
A place for organic and sustainable products

Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie
Catch the buzz on Vashon Island

Ruth's Hemp Foods
Hemp foods - GMO-free, organic, delicious, competitive

Mellow Monk
Green teas- healthy tasty sustainable

Ethically sourced, climate-neutral Himalayan sea salt and natural foods

Green Tea Lovers
Teas, Pastries and Other Delights!

Food for Thought
Gifts that matter

Etica Fair Trade
Fair trade wine and gifts


Yoga Nine
Yoga Nine Studio, fair trade store & organic café

Paloma Pottery
Recycled glass infused pottery

The Groovy Mind
The grooviest sustainable and socially responsible gifts and goods

Taraluna Gifts
Fair trade, organic & green gifts & products

Rising Tide
Fair trade boutique

Om Community
Beautiful spirit om and chakra gifts

Hoopla Traders
Fair trade, eco retail boutique

Starter kit designed for the environmentally savvy to help friends and loved ones GoGreen!

Bali Karma
Beautiful gifts for a better world- arts * attire * jewelry

Health & Beauty

Vashon Organics

Trilium Organics
Organic Solutions for Healthy Skin

Right Stuff One
Dechlorinating shower and bath products: RESCUE YOUR SKIN

Purely Shea
Purely shea - organic shea butter skincare

Lilou Organics
Organic Body Care & Skin Care Products for the Entire Family

Perfect Pads

Noelle's Boutique

My Health My World
Health supplements & natural health information portal

Moonbranch Botanicals
Source of sustainably and ethically produced botanicals

Garden of Eve Skin Care
Natural and organic skin care that is as pure as it gets!

Feminine Options
Sustainable alternatives for women

Dropwise Essentials
Premium aromatherapy and organic plant-based body care

Agoo Agii
Eco-balanced skin & body care

A Wild Soap Bar
Natural handmade olive oil soap, retail, wholesale, custom

Home & Building

Tilonia home textiles bring the color and spice of India

Sustainable Spaces
green home performance consulting and remediation services for homeowners and building professionals

Stark Environmental
Stormwater solutions

Spirit Hills
25 EZ home improvements that $ave you green

Greenmaker Supply
Green building supplies

Green Logic
Sustainable products for the home, solutions for daily living

Green Earth Market
Natural items for your immediate environment & our planet

Green Alcove
The green alcove- eco-friendly home accessories and gifts
Furniture & retail displays made with reclaimed wood

Natural beauty for natural homes

Quality products that don't cost the Earth

Eco Domo
Recycled leather floor and wall tiles

Carol Cannon Group
Creating healthier, safer & more productive environments for work & living with the tools of Feng Shui and Bau-biologie.

Bag E Wash
Wash & dry zipper style bags in your dishwasher

Ecological Home Ideas
Green home magazine online and in print


Krull and Company
Socially responsible investing


Touchwood Rings
Custom designed, handcrafted wooden rings

Handcrafted custom jewelry - sustainably mined gold

Long Distance

Come from the Heart
Discounted Long Distance to Benefit Non-profit groups


Media Strategy

PvH Communications
Communications consulting on green future&tech issues

Nita Winter and Rob Badger Photography
Fine art photos, stock & photography service

Creative imaging for commercial and editorial clients

Socially conscious, high end web design & visual communication

Expanding the lifestyles of health and sustainability marketplace

Environ-Mental Productions
Ecoparque, the award-winning documentary, and independent conscious films

Ecological Home Ideas
Green home magazine online and in print, for a healthy family, home and earth.

Consilience Productions
Progressive Music for the Socially Conscious

Paper & Stationery

Twisted Limb Paperworks
Handmade 100% recycled invitations

Sustainable stationery & gift wrap

Greenfield Paper
Tree-free paper


Purrfect Play
Pet-centric products- dye-free, organic & reclaimed fibers

One With Earth
Organic personal care, holistic pet care


Printed Green and Consolidated Printing


Tree of Life
Tree of life rejuvenation center

Ibike Tours
Small groups exploring cultures worldwide

Green Earth Travel
Earth-friendly travel
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