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The Facts About Our Water Purification System
PHASE I "Ultra-Pure"
Our under counter, Triple Water Purifer with UV sterilization in your home will provide you with ultra pure, great tasting water for drinking, cooking, and making beverages like coffee, tea, and juices.

STAGE 1 & 2 – Sediment and Carbon Block Filter
Throughout the first filtration stage, tap or well water passes through a sediment filter where silt, sediment and particles (like rust, sand and clay) are removed. Then in the second stage, water is forced through a high efficiency 10-micron solid carbon block filter that efficiently absorbs chlorine, VOC's and other harmful organic chemicals and pollutants. This pre-filtered water is now cleaned of membrane-damaging particles and chemicals. These stages also protect the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane from harmful damage.

STAGE 3 & 4 - Reverse osmosis
(First Purifier) For most areas of the world, RO (reverse osmosis) is the only reasonable option for water -treatment. It is a continuous self-cleaning ultra-filtration system. ROs remove up to 95% of undesirable pollutants and total dissolved solids (T.D.S) allowing only the clean water to pass. Only the highest quality RO membranes have been individually tested and selected for the Triple Water Purifier water system. The pre-filtered water passes through a thin film reverse osmosis membrane module where pure water molecules are separated, leaving salts, hardness, and other impurities isolated and available for flushing from the system. RO membranes remove particles down to 1 angstrom in size, or .001 microns. (By comparison, the size of bacteria is generally about .5 microns, while the size of virus is generally about .05 microns.) Afterwards, the cleaned water goes through the R.O. membrane, and then passes into an under-the-counter 3 gallon pressurized storage tank, which fills in 2-3 hours, and continually fills as you use the water in the tank. The quality of your water in other single purification reverse osmosis systems depends on the age and quality of the RO membrane. Lower quality membranes can remove up to 95% when new but weakens quickly over time, requiring replacement as often as once a year. In contrast, the Triple Water Purifier membranes typically last 2- 5 years.

STAGE 5 & 6 - Deionization
(Second and Third Purifiers) Deionization is a method used most often by laboratories to produce purified water on demand. All naturally occurring water contains dissolved mineral salts and other dissolved, undesirable pollutants. These substances in water are either positively or negatively charged. Deionization, specifically the type called "mixed bed" deionization created for water purification, attracts and pulls out both the negatively and positively charged pollutants, thereby further reducing the amounts of harmful pollutants to very low levels (up to a 90% removal of the remaining 5%+ left from reverse osmosis)

At this stage, the water has been triple purified and is now ultra pure. In addition, the design as well as the number of purification stages may dramatically reduce the number of servicings and filter changes typically required for single water purifiers.

Note: For purified water, T.D.S. is measured in parts per million (p.p.m.). This is the measurement of the amount of dissolved particles in the water (for example, salts, heavy metals, minerals, and other impurities). However, many specialists in the water treatment industry generally agree that T.D.S may also be a very good indicator for the level of chemical contaminants in water.

STAGE 7 - Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Light
Bacteria and Virus Disinfection - stainless steel housing A UV lamp purifier should be installed in every home to provide safe drinking water – a must for rural homes or cities where water quality is questionable. Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps disinfect water for residential and commercial applications. UV light disinfection systems will protect you from harmful bacteria (e-Coli), virus, and parasitic cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia-lambia, that have been found in drinking water. Chlorination of municipal water is not sufficient to kill cysts. Many communities and private homes draw surface water from lakes, streams, reservoirs, or wells that are open to pollution from natural, agricultural and industrial sources. Ultraviolet lamps create a special wavelength that penetrates the microorganisms found in water and damages the DNA of the bacteria and virus to prevent replication and renders the organism inactive (all bacteria, virus, mold, algae, and yeast). The UV light is placed after the storage tank to kill any organisms that can grow in the storage tank. The Triple Water Purifier pre-filters the water before it reaches the UV system. In properly sized systems, the reduction levels are 99.99%. The UV unit does not add any chemicals or by-products to the water. And, because of the triple purification prior to reaching the UV lamp, calcium and iron do not build up on the lamp. That means that, with the Triple Water Purifier, you don't need to clean any calcium and iron deposits from the UV lamp, as you do in some other systems. The UV unit uses 25 to 65 watts of power, the same as a light bulb. It plugs into a wall outlet. It is best to leave the unit on all the time; the lamp is rated for 1 year of continuous use. The UV light is resistant to damage by brownouts and voltage fluctuations. It will withstand a range of 90 - 265 volts and still operate properly. The unit has an alarm and red light to warn of failure.

STAGE 8 - Post Carbon Filter
The Post Carbon Filter contains granular activated coconut shell carbon with hundreds of square feet of absorption area, which helps to polish and improve the taste and radically reduce any unpleasant tastes or odors, which may have been generated by the ultra violet light.

PHASE II "VitaTech" Vitality Enhancing Technology
So far, everything we've mentioned is measurably verifiable, using testing and standards from the water purification and water treatment industry. Though this next section is no less scientific it also deals with water on a more energetic level. Water is, after all, more than molecules. It is also energy and has, for millennia, been a symbol and source of natural healing to people. The Triple Water Purifier effectively and elegantly takes this aspect of water into account as well.

From quantum physics, we know that everything is in continual and ever changing vibration. Every material reacts with certain frequencies more or less strongly. Water is changeable; it is able to absorb, transfer and release information in its structure. Therefore, even after physical purification, water still often carries unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies from poisonous substances that have been removed by the carbon block, first three purifiers and the sterilizer. In the last stages of water purification, the Triple Water Purifier's technology will erase unwanted frequencies, and reprogram the water to copy that of nature. As odd or as unscientific as that may sound, it is really no different from the nature of homeopathy, a universally recognized form of alternative healing that has been used for many decades.

STAGE 9 - Reprogramming (Natural Mineral Properties)
Adding Natural Mineral Properties. So far the water has not only had its damaging physical properties removed (chlorine, chemicals, and other toxic substances) it has also had its negative vibrational frequencies, its bad memories, so to speak, erased. So while the water is amazingly pure on just about every level, at this stage it is also incredibly weak. It has no energy, no vitality. Clean water in nature has strength in part from the natural materials over which it flows. So in this next stage, we drive the water over special mineral rocks (comprised of 74 minerals) to replicate this relationship with the earth. The result is that the water with formerly no memory and no energy is now homeopathically programmed with the new frequencies of 74 minerals. It is the frequencies of these minerals (that are programmed into the water) that make the change, not the minerals themselves. Again, while this may sound odd, it is similar to what is at the core of homeopathic healing – that change is created on an energetic level. And we want our water to not only be pure but also have the energy of nature's most healthy water. And we're not through yet.

STAGE 10 and 11 - Reprogramming (Far-Infrared and Natural Flow Form)
Adding Natural Earth Properties. A specialized field of medical doctors and researchers in Japan has been studying the healing benefits for far infrared energy for the past 25 years. Far-infrared energy is sometimes called "the wavelength (or frequency) of life", which causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate. This vibration can also be called energy, or "life force", which can give us more vitality. When the water flow is channeled through natural far-infrared honeycomb shaped ceramic materials, the water is imprinted with healing, far-infrared frequencies.

Natural Flow Form. In nature, water never flows in a straight line. When man forces it to, it loses some of its natural healing energy and power. But with the Triple Water Purifier, the water flows through ceramic far-infrared balls (also containing minerals) creating an "S" shape pattern that mimics the natural flow of water in nature. This is actually an old idea nurtured by Rudolf Steiner and imitated by farmers and even governments and industry around the world in order to replicate natural water flow. Virtually all other home water systems, however, don't bother with the pattern of water movement.

STAGE 12 - Calcium, Magnesium, and Coral Calcium Re-Mineralization
We've begun to recreate and reinstall the energy, power and natural flow of water. But the water is still physically empty - that is, it lacks some of the actual good minerals that had been removed along with all the bad contaminants way back in the first phase. So at this stage, calcium, magnesium and coral calcium are now added to the water stream to add a small amount of minerals – just enough to properly balance the pH of the water and energize the water, giving it more electrons.

The Triple Water Purifier combines a number of simple and highly sophisticated technologies along with precision filters and purifiers to remove impurities. The first eight stages remove contaminants more effectively than most conventional filters and purifiers. Other components of the system energize and re-mineralize the water, using Vitality Enhancing Technology to provide sparkling clear, properly balanced, and great-tasting water.

One of the basics of good health is a daily intake of clean water. It's simple. It's convenient. And it can have a major impact. Now it's possible to have a source of water that is ultra pure and energetically ready to support your health, right in your home. Unique design, quality housings, filters, and durable mounting frames ensure years of dependable service, and fewer filter changes and servicings.

Installation by a professional, licensed and insured plumber is required

Question and Answers
Q. Is it okay to use a water softener with the Triple Water Purifier?

A. Yes, water softeners will reduce build up and scaling to extend the life of your water heater, water pipes, fixtures and appliances. Using a water softener (with good potable water) in combination with the Triple Water Purifier will extend the life of the RO membrane.

Q. If you have hard water and no water softener can you still uses the Triple Water Purifier?

A. It is preferred that you use a water softener, but not required. Hard water is more than a nuisance.It is costly too. It contains calcium, magnesium, and iron, which build up inside your water heater, water pipes, fixtures and appliances. The Triple Water Purifier provides the highest quality RO membrane in order to provide the best (rejection) quality of water for the longest period of time. However, hard water will shorten the life of the membrane and therefore might require replacing more often.

Q. I use a water distiller, and the taste of the water is flat and heavy. What does the water taste like from the Triple Water Purifier?

A. Water from the Triple Water Purifier tastes like natural spring water, with a nice, light refreshing mineral taste. Vitality Enhancing Technology restores the water's natural mineral properties, improves the surface tension and biological availability, and increases hydration of your body. Everything you use water for will taste better.

Q. What is Vitality Enhancing Technology?

A. This new technology is exclusively from the Triple Water Purifier. It is the first of its kind to be introduced to purify home drinking water, which offers ultra purified, sterilized. restructured, re-mineralized water. Vitality Enhancing Technology is the next step in water purification to enhance your health.

Q. How does the Triple Water Purifier compare to buying bottled water for drinking?

A. No heavy bottles to lift, no trips to the store, and no monthly billing required. All bottled water, even the best, is inconvenient for a family. Tests indicate that some bottled water may be of poor quality and often does not meet the same standards required for tap water. Bottled water is more costly than the water prepared with the Triple Water Purifier. When the quality and performance is combined, it is the most cost-efficient convenient method for getting pure, great-tasting water.

To find out more about the Triple Water Purifier please contact us.


Under Counter Triple Purification Reverse Osmosis Unit
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