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Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Drywall?

Many people who want to “go green” just figure that they have no choice when it comes to certain materials, like drywall. They assume it’s all the same when it comes to health, or they buy drywall with recycled content and assume it’s healthy.  But is there such as thing a healthy drywall?  Well, yes, there is! And it’s important to know the differences if you want to create an healthy interior and avoid toxic chemicals, including biocides in “green board” that never go away. Learn which brands are best in this article I wrote for Green Home Guide.


More Details on Choosing Dry Mix Joint Compounds

You want to build or remodel “green” to protect yourself and your family from unwanted toxins. And you may even know that there are WAY less toxic ingredients in dry mix joint compounds that in the wet-in-the-bucket-ready-to-use versions. But are all dry mix joint compounds created equal? Read why some are healthier than others, and how to pick the best products,  in my article on Green Home Guide: