Everyone deserves and needs a healthy home.

 In my twenty-two years of experience as a healthy building and interiors consultant I’ve witnessed a huge shift in environmental consciousness in the general public; and yet people have tended to assume that if something is considered green, it’s also necessarily 100% healthy.  This is most often not the case.  Green products, materials and systems that may reduce or recycle waste, or may use less energy do not necessarily support human health. There’s a lot of “green washing” out in the market place.  In addition, there are still no real regulations on transparency of ingredients.  Yet many green consultants are ignorant of important factors having to do with health, and buy into what green manufacturers tell them, or  focus on energy and resource conservation, leaving consumers confused.  I know how to dig deeper, and root out the real thing from green marketing jargon in order to help you make healthy green changes to your home.

If you are concerned about the building materials and furnishings in your home; if you are concerned about toxins found in your home, such as mold, allergens, chemicals, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from computers, cell phones and wiring, and other pollutants typically found in homes; if you are thinking about having a baby, are pregnant, or a have baby or small children; if you’re concerned about choosing healthy lifestyle and children’s products, if the health of your home is especially important, I am writing this blog for you.   Read more